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1. Why does it take so long to get photos posted after an event?


Currently, I am shooting 35mm negative film. Sometimes there can be over 25 rolls of film shot at an event. Each negative has to be individually scanned, color corrected, adjusted and cropped. I rarely post photos that are shot straight from the camera. Most images are also additionally rendered with some degree of Photoshop filters and effects to give them more of a period look. Finally, this is still mostly a one-man part-time, non-paid operation so finding the time to get all the work done in a timely fashion is always a challenge. 


2. How do you decide which events to cover?


My time is very limited so I can only shoot a few events per year. There are a few events that are less than a thirty minute drive from my Kansas City location so that makes it a no brainer if I am free. I also like covering some smaller events so I can give them a decent amount of coverage that a smaller event may not always get from the National media. I also like to cover an event that is on larger scale like The Prairie Grove Arkansas bi-annual event, which normally fields close to 1000 troops or so. Battlefields are also a factor. Sites like Prairie Grove and Bentonville are favorites because they offer very little modern day distractions and make photographing them a real pleasure.


3. Why arent there more photos of my unit, branch, or side of the conflict???


It seems we have this question asked after almost every event in one form or another. Why arent there more pics of Yanks? Why arent there more pics of Confederates? Why dont you have any pictures of my unit?-we were there too! Are you biased in your coverage? And so it goes. Most of events are covered by just one photographer-me. And while I try to find the best spot to capture all the action, it is impossible to be everywhere at once even when I move around. Larger events with hundreds of spectators fighting for a good spot also make it more challenging. Whenever possible I try to avoid the spectator area if I can do so without being a distraction on the field. Depending on my location and the flow of the action, there will invariably be more shots of the units that are closest to my range of view. I have no bias in documenting the events or battles and try to be as balanced as possible. I do encourage other photographers to submit their photos to my site to help broaden the range of coverage.


4. Why dont you take more photos of the Camps and Civilians? You seem to focus mainly on the Battles.


Yes, it is true that there is a strong focus on the Battles simply because that is what interests me the most. I will however try to make a more conscious effort to document the camps and civilian life.


5. Can I post ads on your website or newsletter?


Currently, I am not posting any outside ads on my site or newsletter. If there continues to be an interest to do so however, I will consider it.


6. How much do reprints cost? Do you take credit card payments?


I normally charge $10-$15.00 for an 8.5x11 size print depending on the image. Larger sizes are more and you can write for a quote. I am not set up to accept credit card payments at this time but will hopefully implement that feature in the near future.


7. Can I use your images on my website?


As long as you provide an active link to my website and write an appropriate credit such as: photo courtesy Ruben you are welcome to do so.


8. Can I post information about my event on your site?


Right now I am only posting information on events I intent to cover or have covered in the past. I am considering creating an events page at a later time.


9. What kind of camera and film do you use to photograph the reenactments?


I use mostly 35mm Nikon equipment and shoot with Fuji color negative film. I use 100 speed film to document the camps and portraits and 400-1600 speed film to capture the fast paced battle action. I also shoot most subjects at a wide-open aperture in order to blur the background. While I do shoot everything in color, many images are later converted to b&w or sepia finish.  Most of the images are also further manipulated in Adobe Photoshop with various filters and subtle effects. I have also shot reenactments using Kodaks High Speed Infrared B&W Film.


10. How many people are receiving your newsletter?


Right now there are just over 700 subscribers to my email newsletter. There are also many people who are having it forwarding to them that our not on our email list. That number is not known, but I would speculate that there are an additional 50-75 in that category. While most subscribers are in the reenactment community in the Midwest, we do have subscribers as far East as New York and as far West as California and Arizona.


11. What ever happened to the photos you took at the Fortescue 2002 Event?


We still have all the negatives on file for that event but they have not all been scanned yet. Unfortunately, we were pressed to work on other events at that time and put that event on the back burner. They are still on the back burner-sorry. Eventually they will be posted, feel free to keep reminding me though.


12. Will you ever be posting more photos from the Battle of Raymond 2001 National Event?


Some of the files were lost but all the original negatives still exist. When there is time, we will try to post what we have but dont hold your breath waiting for them.


13. Can I post some of my photos on your site?


I do welcome other photographers work on events that we are covering. In most cases you will receive full photo credit, however if I decide to manipulate the image in any way, your image will receive a joint copyright.


14. Are you ever planning to update your original site-Civil War Reenactments Illustrated?


Our first site-Civil War Reenactments Illustrated at Is no longer updateable as we have lost the original software and files to it in a major computer wipe out. The site is still accessible however and will be for some time. Just disregard all the Coming Soon messages. All updates will be done on this site or a future new site.


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